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Conneaut Harbor Highlights

· The Pittsburgh and Conneaut Dock Company which later became  Canadian National, was the launching place of the Hulett  ore unloaders that were used around the Great Lakes in the 1900s.

· In the early 20th century, Andrew Carnegie purchased many acres of Conneaut Lakefront land to build docks and other facilities for the Pittsburgh Steamship Company, his fleet of vessels shipping ore from the Minnesota mines to Conneaut and by rail to Pittsburgh.

· The Port of Conneaut is still the northern loading point for train cars bearing iron ore for Pittsburgh, area steel mills. It is an international shipping port.

· In 1893, the steamer Kershaw brought the first cargo of iron ore from the Mesabi Range to Conneaut. Many local people rushed to the harbor, climbed aboard the Kershaw, and snatched chunks of red ore as souvenirs of the occasion.

· As early as 1837 Conneaut Harbor had a light house with W.W. Woodward as the keeper. By 1846, the harbor was described as an important shipping port “with a pier with a light house on it, two forwarding houses and eleven dwellings.”