Important Game Seizure

Sportsmen From Conneaut Tried to Ship Out Moose Meat.

Deputy State Game Warden John Green made an important seizure of moose and caribou meat and hides at Two Harbors yesterday.  He has had his eye upon a party of Conneaut, O., sportsmen that have been east of Two Harbors for some days, but when they returned to Duluth. they had nothing contraband about them so Mr. Green took the back trail and went to Two Harbors to investigate.

The guns, meat and hides are now the property of the state of Minnesota and the Conneaut men will have to settle with Sam Fullerton.  They will most probably do this at long range.  Deputy Green is inclined to believe that the meat was purchased from Indians, but even then, it is liable to seizure.

On the platform in front of the engine house and just delivered to a drayman the warden discovered about 500 pounds of moose and caribou meat, some hides, two Winchester rifles and a Parker shotgun, all billed to be shipped on board the steamer Olympia for below.

From the   Duluth News-Tribune
Dated: Nov. 13, 1896

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