Museum Being Created

Photo credit: Steve Heath


Quarterly newsletter of the Conneaut Area Historical Society

Volume 4, No. 3     Editor:  Louise Legeza    September 2000

Museum Being Created

The former New York Central freight depot adjacent to the Conrail tracks, directly opposite of the Conneaut Historical Railroad Museum, will be Conneaut’s newest museum in the near future.

Now minus the black billows of soot falling on the roof, from the days of the coal fired engines, the long wooden building will take on new life. Once a transfer point for baggage and goods being shipped both in and out of the depot, the building, after much work, will become a showcase of Conneaut historical artifacts.

The building is adjacent to Pape’s Restaurant, Mill Street, and fronts on the back parking lot. Owned by Nick Pape for 20 years, Nick, after changing lawyers, is working out finalizing the gift to CAHS. At first, the society was only going to use the premises, but in order for us to acquire proper funding it proved necessary that the society actually own the building.

Society President, Ed Wharton, researched the building and dates it to an 1870s construction date. Ed said that he has been unable to find railroad records that mention the building, so if anyone can add further data or proof the  CAHSA would be most appreciative.